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(DRH Project Phase I)
International Framework for Development of Disaster Reduction Technology List on Implementation Strategies
“Disaster Reduction Hyperbase”
MEXT-NIED Project on Special Coordination Fund, GoJ
(project period: April 2005 - March 2006)

The DRH Phase I project (April 2005-March 2006) was conducted in order to conceptualize Disaster Reduction Hyperbase (DRH) and to develop international human networks. <more details...............

(1) Project description

(2) Tsukuba Resolution 2006


(1) 1st. Core Member Meeting (CMM1) : Geneve, August 2005

(2) 2nd. Core Member Meeting (CMM2) : Kathmandu, Nov.2005

(3) 3rd.Core Member Meeting (CMM3) : San Jose,Costa Rica, Jan.2006

(4) International Workshop - CMM Final : Tsukuba, Feb.2006


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