Those who wish to contribute to DRH Contents and/or join discussion should register as DRH members.

1. DRH Members: We have two categories of DRH membership

(1) Basic Member: Those who are interested in making access to registered DRH Contents in the DRH Database

  • Basic Members will:
    1. Receive e-mails announcing registration of new DRH Contents in the DRH Database,
    2. See a title list of DRH Contents proposals in the second-phase discussion (Member Discussion), and
    3. Add comments to general discussion on DRH (enter "Join a discussion" at DRH top) raised by other DRH Members

(2) Full Profile Member: Those who will submit their profiles and actively join DRH activities including submitting DRH Contents proposals and discussion on proposed as well as registered DRH Contents

  • Full Profile Members will:
    1. Submit new DRH Contents proposals,
    2. Join the second-phase discussion (Member Discussion) on DRH Contents proposals,
    3. Raise discussion on registered DRH Contents,
    4. Raise a new discussion thread in general discussion on DRH (enter "Join a discussion" at DRH top),
    5. Register a new initiative in the DRH Partners (DRH Links),
    6. Obtain syndication script for showing DRH Partners information at their sites, and
    7. Make access to user information of other members.

2. Procedure of sign-up for DRH Members: Follow the instructions depending on the member category.

(1) Basic Member: Everybody must begin with sign-up for a Basic Member through the following steps. (Registration page: http://drh.bosai.go.jp/signup = step c) below)

  1. Access the DRH web-site top (http://drh.bosai.go.jp/).
  2. Click "Join a discussion" or "Login or Register", then go to "Apply for membership"
  3. Fill in membership ID (your name), Mail address (you will use for communication) and a New Password (be sure to keep it in your record), and the click "registration".
  4. The system will send you automatically an email to confirm your registration. This is to prevent abuse of your e-mail address by other individuals. Be sure to click a confirmation message in the e-mail, then your sign-up for Basic Member is complete.

(2) Full Profile Member: Basic Members can upgrade to the Full Profile Members in the following way. (Log-in page: http://drh.bosai.go.jp/verify)

  1. Log-in the DRH web site as a Basic Member.
  2. Click "profile", then you will see the Edit Profile page for describing your profile.
  3. Fill-in all text boxes on the Edit Profile page, and click "OK".
  4. From your next log-in, you will be treated as a Full Profile Member.

* A Trouble Shooting: Member registration incomplete state (You signed up but can not log-in)

# If you still can't complete registration after these trials, contact us (drhadmin@dpri.kyoto-u.ac.jp).