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User training at ADRC on 10th Dec

Koichi Shiwaku 10 December 2010  14:34
User training at ADRC will be done today.

arie_astuti 10 December 2010  16:00
The DRH website is very usefull for other countries, especially Indonesia to search the better way to solve any type of disaster. Everyone can also find informations, experiences and sharing their knowledges.

CAMBODIA 10 December 2010  16:12
Today, I think that new general knowledge more about website: drh.edm.bosai.go.jp. Because it is the second time to application for Cambodian Researcher to share information with many countries in the world on disaster reduction technology. Finally, I as well as Royal Government of Cambodia are very happy to cooperation with NGOs, IOs, UN agencies, International communities...etc.

MYANMAR 10 December 2010  16:12
Disaster reduction hyperbase gives much knowledge . This website is very useful because we can study and share disaster reduction technology and knowledge between developed countries and developing countries.

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