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Propose a technology for disaster reduction

(General Guideline [in English])

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What we want from you

Explanation of technologies/knowledge which DRH target and introduction of DRH manager and facilitators.


Understand the facilitation process

Explanation of review process with criteria for acceptance.


How to propose a technology

Manual for Web-based submission of DRH contents proposals.


View the template   (Template guideline (in English))

Please use the template to propose technologies/knowledge. The guideline for writer is also available.

> Guidline to fill the Template - PDF (PDF - 76Kb)

> Template for submission - PDF (PDF - 63Kb)

> Template for submission - Word (Word - 161Kb)

> Template for submission - Excel (Excel - 76Kb)


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Call for contribution (in English)

You may also find information for submitting DRH Contents proposals at the DRH Project site:

> Call for Conetnts Proposals (DRH Project site : in English)

Need help?

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