DRH-Asia: Disaster Reduction Hyperbase
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DRH Contents Proposal Submission through DRH Forum

Direct Input on DRH Forum

Input directly on the DRH web-site as follows.

- Access the DRH web-site (http://drh.bosai.go.jp/).

- Click "Login or Register" at the top of the website, and login using your registered membership ID and password as a DRH Full Profile Member.

- Click "Propose a technology" section of DRH Forum, then you see a page entitled "Propose a technology for disaster reduction".

- Confirm instructions Nos. 1 - 4 and, if you wish other support documents on the left-hand side of the page.

- On this basis, click "Start submission" in No.5, and begin your input in the text boxes and check boxes that are arranged in a format identical with DRH Template ver.7.

* Input procedure should strictly proceed in the following order.

1) Click Check Boxes: Begin with clicking the check boxes in "II Categories", and " VIII Self evaluation ".

2) Treat Texts: Input texts in all text boxes except check boxes. There are following two ways to do so:

a. Direct input: Type-in directly in the text boxes or copy_and_paste from your original files. This is the most straightforward way of preparing the proposal.

b. Via Excel File: Prepare all texts in the DRH Template (ver.7) in an Excel file. Specify it in the box "Excel template file" at the top of the page. By clicking "Upload", all texts in the Excel file will be automatically transferred to the corresponding text boxes on the web page. Before completing this step, be sure that you have done 1) (click check boxes). The Excel form of DRH Template (ver.7) is downloadable at http://drh.bosai.go.jp/common/documents/DRH_Template_ver7_3.xls

*Important: Use the most recent version downloaded from this link for your new proposal.

3) Treat Illustrations: Main text boxes have a function of hyper-text editing same as Word; e.g., changing font type, alignment, font size, etc. Insert illustrations (photos, charts and figures, etc.) from the folders in your computer through “Insert/edit image” button in the tool bar of each text box. File types should be JPEG, PNG, or GIF, Use only alphanumeric, hyphen(-), and under bar(_) characters in the file name of illustrations.

4) Attach Documents: Add attached documents at "Add file" at the bottom of the page.

5) Editing Manipulation: You may edit and save (click “Upload”) until you think you have finished Input.

6) Submit Proposal: Finally, click "send to DRH manager" after "Upload", and your proposal will be incorporated in DRH Forum for further treatments. After this, you can not re-edit your file until the Facilitator-Proposer discussion phase. So be sure that you have done your input works correctly as you think appropriate.

Institutions contributing to DRH Contents (Click here): posted on request